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Circulation Procedures

Library cards/placekeepers are used to check out resources and to reserve a books' place on the shelf.  Each student's library placekeeper includes Student Name and Patron Number.  Cards are kept in the library and used when students come to check out books. 


Grade K      -- check out one book for one week and keep it in the classroom
                        unless otherwise stated by teacher

Grades 1-6 -- check out two books for one week
                        check with your librarian if more books are needed
                        books may be renewed

The date the book is due is one week from the check out date.  Students should return checked out books prior to checking out a new book.

Student Library Orientation will be conducted for all classes prior to initial checkout.

Books may be renewed for up to three weeks.  They may be renewed for a longer time if not in demand or on hold for another student. 

A book is overdue the day after the due date.  Overdue notices for students with late books are generated every week and are placed in teacher mailboxes for distribution to students.  The librarian follows up on outstanding overdues with a phone call, email or notice mailed home.  If an overdue has not cleared prior to the closing of nine weeks, the student's report card will be held.  Checkout privileges are  suspended when a student has a long overdue item on record.  These are reinstated when the overdue clears.

When a book is reported "lost," the Library issues a Lost/Damaged Book Notice to the student.  Checkout privileges are suspended for the student until payment is made.  After payment, a receipt is issued, and the student may check out books.

All students are informed of the guidelines for taking care of books during orientation.  When a book is damaged, a student should return the book to the Library.  A Lost/Damaged Book Notice will be issued to the student.  Checkout privileges are suspended for students with outstanding Lost/Damaged Book Notices.  When payment is made a receipt is issued and checkout privileges are reinstated.