Grade 5


Week 1 STAR Test  
Week 2 Library Skills Uses library independently
Is familiar with all basic library procedures
Check out books at ZPD level
Week 3 Character Counts Video, "What's Respect"? by Discovery Education
Worksheet, "Show Respect"
AR quizzes and book check out
Week 4 Halloween Read, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" by Tim Turton
Check out
Week 5 Book talks computer, Scholastic book trailers
AR quizzes
Check out and silent read
Week 6 AR Goals AR Period 1, Week 7 of 10 - Students should be at 70% of goal
Conference with students about AR goal, Home Connect
Read and take quiz, "Hello, Harvest Moon" by Ralph Fletcher
Check out and silent read
Week 7 Halloween

AR Week 8 of 10
Listen to monster interviews for the book, "Monsterology" by Dr. Ernest Drake
computer, Monsterology
Take AR quizzes
Check out and silent read

Week 8 STAR Test STAR Test
Book check out
Week 9 STAR Test video, Gettysberg address
Complete STAR test
check out books
Week 10 Conference
Class visit 20 minutes
New reading ranges
Book check out only
Week 11 Thanksgiving Class visit 20 minutes
Book check out only
Week 12 Library Skill Alphabetize author to third letter
Announce District Bookmark Contest
Book check out
Week 13 AR quiz

Watch and take AR quiz, "Moishe's Miracle" by Melmed, Laura Krauss 
Book check out

  Winter Break  
Week of
Mrs. Perkins read, "The Big Snow", by Berta Hader
Computer, take AR Quiz
Book check out
Week of
Library Skills Become familiar with the contents and organization of an ENCYCLOPEDIA for research questions and extending their learning
Book check out
Week of
  Students work on reports
Book check out
Week of
  Work on classroom assignment
Silent Reading
Book check out