GATE Program

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The Newport Mesa Unified School District offers a Gifted and Talented Education Program for eligible students in grades 4 through 12.  The programs are designed to meet the needs of high ability and intellectually gifted students.  Classroom instruction begins with the grade level core curriculum and is differentiated based upon student need and ability.  The development of critical thinking is emphasized.  Inclusion in this program is based on teacher recommendation and passing scores on specifically designed tests.


GATE Testing

October is the month to begin the process for GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) testing for 3rd – 6th grade students. Teachers are looking at the students’ behaviors and working to determine if they are able to see evidence of gifted characteristics with any of the students in their classroom. For a list of these GATE characteristics, please go the and then click on departments and scroll to GATE.

 ALL 3rd graders are eligible for GATE testing if the parents give permission.  For a 4th – 6th grader to qualify for testing, the student must first be recommended by their teacher or their parent. See your child’s teacher about requesting testing.  Keep in mind however, that to proceed with testing, the student must meet the following guidelines:

  • If tested prior to this year in NMUSD, they must have a score that is at least in the 80%     
  • A student cannot take the test a 3rd time
  • If tested, the student will take the same test as prior year

Newport El Academics

Newport El Academics


To ensure our Newport El students are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the California Common Core State Standards, teachers have been continuously trained in several curricula, programs, and best teaching practices.

Academic Rotations

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English Language Arts

"Rigorous Curriculum Design" Units of Study

Teams of N-MUSD teachers at each grade level have collaborated over the past two years to design and create 6 - 9 units of study, which are specifically tailored for our N-MUSD students and that address the essential learning outcomes for students.

A rigorous curriculum is an inclusive set of the following intentionally aligned components organized into sequenced units of study: clear learning outcomes; matching assessments; engaging learning experiences; instructional strategies.

A rigorous curriculum serves as both a detailed road map and the high-quality delivery system for ensuring that all students achieve the desired end: the attainment of their designated grade- or course-specific standards within a particular content area.


Over the years ​Newport El teachers have been immersed in professional development opportunities and have attended seminars/conferences with the following writing instruction experts & authors: Lucy Calkins, Ralph Fletcher, Elizabeth Hale, Gretchen Bernabei, UCI Writing Project

Houghton Mifflin Reading

N-MUSD's adopted ELA curriculum is Houghton Mifflin Reading which is used as a valuable resource in the classroom.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a program in which students read books at their given reading and comprehension level, take self-directed assessments to check comprehension, and then earn points based on questions answered correctly. Please visit Newport El's Library webpage for more information.


Our Featured Programs:


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CGI - Cognitively Guided Instruction

ST Math aka. "Jiji Math"

Accelerated Math


Social Studies

California's Common Core State Standards


Information on California's Common Core State Standards


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Information & Resources for Parents on CCSS

N-MUSD Elementary Education

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This site describes the various academic standards, curricula, textbooks and resources for our K-6 students.

OC Department of Education

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This site provides resources, services, and opportunities for parents, educators, students, and community members.